Daily Bulletin
Mike Neugebauer
Tuesday, February 06, 2018

DAILY BULLETIN                                                                                              

Today’s Date: Monday, Dec. 17, 2018

Today’s Menu:  BBQ Chicken Sandwich or Pork Fritter


Students – our hallways need to be un-decorated TODAY and all decorations taken home!  The hallways get cleaned during Christmas break so anything left will go in the dumpster! Juniors – whoever sprayed the vending machine needs to clean it!

Mrs. Hanson is out of her office today.

Online & Dual Credit students – when you get your final grade, please report it to Mrs. Hubers.

Boys & Girls basketball will be ordering a team t-shirt for $10.00.  If you are interested, talk to the one of the coaches.

Juniors:  We will be meeting today during 7-8th periods to plan prom in Mrs. Biddle's room.  You can visit,, to get ideas for decorations and glass/mug.  

STUDENTS – PLEASE BE ADVISED:  If your name remains on the ICU database by Wednesday, December 19, you will be required to come back on December 20 to complete your work.

The semester test incentive eligibility list is posted on the bulletin boards.  Remember – attendance still counts until semester test day!

Tuesday’s Semester Test Schedule:                                         Wednesday’s Semester Test Schedule:

Period 2 test – 8:00-9:35                                                           Period 1 test – 8:00-9:35

Period 4 test – 9:38–11:13                                                         Period 3 test – 9:38-11:13

Period 6 test – 11:16-12:51                                                       Period 5 test – 11:16-12:51

Lunch – 12:51 – 1:53                                                                Lunch – 12:51 – 1:53

Period 8 test – 1:53-3:28                                                           Period 7 test – 1:53-3:28

Have all students checked their schedule for 2nd semester on their class cards?  Please make sure your schedule is set before you leave for break 

Chye is the full-time touring band and music ministry team of the Todd Becker Foundation. Since its debut in 2006, Chye has focused on the hopes, fears, and choices facing high school and junior high students. New Hope Christian Camp and Retreat Center is proud to be partnering with Chye to bring an evening of song and praise. So come join us! This is a free event open to both Junior High and Senior High Youth Groups and the entire community. Wednesday, December 19 from 7:00-9:00 PM at New Hope Christian Camp.

THIS WEEK’S SCHEDULE:                                        MENU:

Mon., 12/17 – Random Acts of Kindness Day       M-BBQ chicken sandwich or Pork fritter

Tues., 12/18 – Semester Tests – per. 2,4,6,8         T-Ham & scalloped potatoes or Cheese Pizza

Wed.12/19 – Sock it to Finals! Crazy Sock Day     W-Chili or Popcorn chicken

            Semester tests – per.1,3,5,7                              

            End of 1st semester                                        BREAKFAST MENU:

Thurs.12/20 – Teachers’ Inservice                           T-Sausage & Cheese Biscuit

Sat., 12/22 – WR – MCM Invite – at Salem             W-Dutch Waffle