Daily Bulletin
Mike Neugebauer

DAILY BULLETIN                                                                                                   

Today’s Date: Wednesday, March 14, 2018        

Today’s Menu:  Beef Soft Shell Tacos or Hotdog


Boys’ Chorus today is Recording Day.  Be prepared!!!

Seniors – It has been discovered that some of the graduation caps that were delivered are bent.  Please check your packages and return the cap ASAP to the school if you find that yours is damaged.  We need to get these sent back so we can get them replaced.

NHS Students:  The City of Platte is looking for help with the Easter egg hunt on Saturday, March 31.  If you are interested or need service hours, see Ms. Kraft.

Senior high youth group this week:  7:00 Pizza, 7:30 Message/testimony by guest speaker from Sioux Falls!  See you there. Only 5 weeks of youth group left!

Junior high youth group:  starting at 7:30 with snack at 7:15. Ken is speaking! See you there!


Mon., 3/19 – Driver’s Ed – 6 pm         M-Turkey & Gravy or Chicken Nuggets

Play rehearsal – 7 pm                           T-Spaghetti or Pork Rib Sandwich

Tues., 3/20 – TAA                                 W-Beef & Cheese Burrito or Popcorn Chicken

NHS Induction – 7:30 pm                   Th-Sloppy Joe or Pepperoni Pizza                      

Wed., 3/21 – Large Group Contest     F-Italian Dunkers or BBQ Meatball Sub

 Thurs., 3/22 - Play rehearsal - 7 pm    BREAKFAST MENU:

Fri., 3/23 – Play rehearsal – 7 pm         M-Pancakes

                                                                   T-Breakfast Burrito


                                                                   Th-Sausage Pancake Stick

                                                                    F-Cinnamon Roll 

Have a great Spring Break!