DAILY BULLETIN                                                                                                                                                                                 

Today’s Date: Friday, Jan. 21, 2022                                                                                                                                             

Today’s Menu:  Chicken Ala King or Pulled Pork


Reminder to all students – if your name is on the ICU database you are to report to Mrs. Semmler’s room after school today.

Seniors must pay $22.00 to Taylor today if you want a class shirt ordered!!

An Air Force Recruiter will be here at 8:45 am, next Tuesday, Jan. 25.  Sign up by Mrs. Hanson’s office if you want to visit with them.

Good luck to the boys’ & girls’ basketball teams as they travel to Lennox for a doubleheader today!  The freshmen boys, 2 stats girls, Logan, Coach DeNeui, and Coach Cutler will be out at 1:15 and leave at 1:30.  The bus with all the girls’ players, cheerleaders and the 6 varsity boys will be dismissed at 1:25 and leave at 1:40 for Lennox.  Schedule of games will be:

4:00 – C boys

4:30 – JV girls

5:00 – JV boys

6:00 – Varsity girls, followed by the varsity boys

Good luck to the wrestlers who will travel to Winner today for a quadrangular against Winner, Parker, & Philip.  The team is excused at 1:15 and leave at 1:30.  Wrestling begins at 4:00.

Schedule: Winner vs. Parker   –   Phillip Area vs. KWLPG

    Winner vs Phillip Area   –   KWLPG vs. Parker

    Winner vs. KWLPG   -   Parker vs. Phillip Area

Saturday, the boys’ basketball bus will leave at 1:00 for the Hanson Classic in Mitchell.  Platte-Geddes will face Aberdeen Christian at 4:00.

On Monday, the basketball teams will travel to Armour – the high school teams to play their rescheduled games.  JH boys and JV girls will be excused at 1:45 and leave at 2:00.  The rest will leave at 3:40.  Schedule of games:

JH boys – 3:00

JV Girls – 4:00

JV Boys - 5:00

Girls Varsity – 6:00, followed by the Boys’ Varsity

Monday during 8th period, Officer Josh DeWild and Officer Ryan Lantz will be in the gym to speak to Juniors and Seniors. 

THIS WEEK’S SCHEDULE:                                                      MENU:

  Fri, 1/21 – WR – Quadrangular – at Winner, 4:00         Fri-Chicken ala king or Pulled Pork

   -GBB/BBB – Lennox – T                                                         

Sat., 1/22 – Hanson Classic at Mitchell                                                                                    

-PG vs. Aberdeen Christian – 4:00                                    

NEXT WEEK’S SCHEDULE:                                                     NEXT WEEK’S MENU:

Mon, 1/24 – JH BBB – TDA – T, 1 game – 3:00                M-Chili Cheese Fritos or Chicken Nuggets

-Rescheduled GBB/BBB Doubleheader – Armour    T-Cheese Pizza or Beef Taco

-4th, 5th, 6th BB – Chamberlain – T                                          W-Beef & Corn Pie or Taco Burger

Tuesday, 1/25 – GBB/BBB Doubleheader at Parkston     Th-Nachos Grande or Chicken Wrap

-5th & 6th BB – Armour – T, 4:30                                                   F-Hotdog or Mac & Cheese

Thurs, 1/27 – FFA – 6:30 pm                                                           BREAKFAST MENU:

Fri, 1/28 – GBB/BBB Doubleheader at Colome                  M-Muffin

Sat, 1/29 – JH BBB – Bon Homme Tourney                            T-Egg,Sausage,Cheese Biscuit

-WR – Wagner Invitational                                                                   W-Long John

-GBB – Sacred Hoops Classic at Augustana                        Th-Omelet & Toast

                                                                                                                                F-Toast & Cereal & Yogurt  

  Good luck to all the Panthers this weekend!