Daily Bulletin
Mike Neugebauer
Tuesday, February 06, 2018

DAILY BULLETIN                                                                                                             

Today’s Date: Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2018

Today’s Menu:  Cheese Pizza


Congratulations to the 7th grade girls on their win over Chamberlain last night!  Today the JH team will leave from the north side of the high school at 4:00 for Winner.  Good luck, girls!

Students attending Scrubs camp on Wednesday – get your make-up slips for all day and turn it in to the office by today.

Addy, Sawyer and Ally - please turn in your jerseys to Coach Oolman and vote for team awards if you haven't done so yet.

Interested sophomores, juniors, and/or seniors:  A college rep from USF will be here today at 11:00 and the DWU rep will be here Wednesday at 1:00.  Sign up on Mrs. Hanson’s door if you wish to see them.

Students that planning to attend TEC this Friday:  This is not a school activity so please do not use the advanced school activity make-up slips.  Your parents will need to contact the school to give their permission for you to be absent from school and a regular make-up slip will need to be obtained.

Senior high community youth group this Wednesday:  There will be NO PIZZA this week.  7:30 message.  This week:  Paul Kimball testimony. 

Junior High Youth Group this week: Nov. 14 - Ken Overweg is speaking. Casey's pizza is on the menu - see you at 7:00p.m.!

Wednesday, Nov 21 - No Youth Group. Happy Thanksgiving!


THIS WEEK’S SCHEDULE:                                        THIS WEEK’S MENU:

Tues., 11/13 – JH Music Festival – H                     T-Cheese Pizza

            TAA                                                               W-Super Mexi Tots or Popcorn Chicken                        

            JH GBB – Winner – T, 5:30                        Th-Grilled Cheese or Chicken Wrap           

            5th/6th G&B BB – Woonsocket – T, 5:15     F-Pork Loin Dinner                          

            FFA – 7:00 pm                                                BREAKFAST MENU:               

Thurs., 11/15 – 5th/6th GBB – TDA-H, 4:30                    W-Dutch Waffle

            State VB Tourney – Sioux Falls                        Th-Breakfast Sliders

Fri., 11/16 – Co Health Nurse here –                              F-Glazed Donut

                        Vision & scoliosis checks                    

            State VB Tourney – Sioux Falls

Sat., 11/17 – State VB Tourney – Sioux Falls