1. Eligibility

A. Each member must maintain a passing grade in every subject.
B. Each member must submit all forms on the assigned date. This date will be given on the first practice
2. Uniform
A. Each member will be expected to wear gym clothes, shoes & have all hair up for practice, including bangs. No jewelry or cell phones at practice.
B. Performance uniforms will be provided.
C. Each member will be responsible to purchase footgear and accessories such as spankies, underarmour, dance pants, etc.
3. Bus Trips
A. Cheerleaders are required to wear warm-ups or dress pants. NO JEANS allowed on bus trips.
B. Sideline Cheerleaders are to sit at the front of the bus, both to and from an event.
4. Attendance
A. Like any sport, you don’t practice, you don’t play. Very Simple!!
B. Each member is allowed two absences per season.
1. An absence consists of an illness, funeral, or school related events.
2. Work and regular scheduled doctor appointments, such as orthodontist, eye exams, dermatologist, etc. are expected to be scheduled around team activities. One person being absent affects the entire team. It is important not to inconvenience the practice time of the entire team by being absent.
3. If you will be missing a practice or an event, your coach needs to be notified before the event by phone not text .
4. If you leave school due to illness, you will not be allowed to perform at that evenings event.
C. Consequences:
1. Each member is allowed two absences. If a third occurs, it will result in missing the next performance.
2. Missed performances must be attended in full uniform and sitting with your coach throughout the performances at the next competition.
3. If another absence occurs, you will be dismissed from the team.
5. Camp
A. All members are encouraged to attend summer camp.
6. Fundraising
A. All members are required to participate in all fundraising which is generated by the team.
B. The fundraisers help offset team expenses, etc.
7. Character
A. Team members should be leaders within the school and set a good example at all times.
B. They should maintain good personal appearances and habits that cannot be criticized.
1. Smoking, drinking, and/or drug use will be handled according to the PG and/or DC High Student Handbook.
2. Each member must abide by those standards set by the PG and/or DC High Student Handbook.
Being a member of the PG High School Cheerleaders and/or Pom Squad is a honor and a great opportunity to be a part of a creative and respected athletic performance team. A team is a unit, each member contributes postive feelings, creative ideas, and constructive criticism in order to make it a “team”. The display of poor sportsmanship, poor manners, or poor attitudes hurts the whole team and will not be tolerated. Our goal is to challenge our own abilities, support each other, smile, and have fun in everything we do.

I, ______________________, have read and understand the rules and responsibilities that govern the PG High School Cheerleaders and Pom Squad. As a representative of my school I agree to abide by these rules.
I,_______________________________, have read and understand the rules and responsibilities that will govern my daughter during the sideline cheer or competition season. I further understand that this is an extracurricular activity and attendance at all practices, games, special functions, and summer camp is expected of my daughter. Futher I understand that school and/or personal insurance must cover my daughter.

Signature of Parent or Legal Guardian________________________________Date_______