The Platte-Geddes School District offers on-line and credit recovery curriculum through the South Dakota Virtual School. The policies for those course offerings are outlined below. Click on the link for the South Dakota Virtual School to view all the courses that are available.

If you have questions, please contact Platte-Geddes School at 337-3391.
A program has been implemented to help students stay on track to graduate on time. If students fail certain classes, they may take on-line classes to stay on track. The cost for this on-line program is the student’s responsibility. We strongly encourage students to work hard, to successfully complete these classes in school, so that credit recovery does not need to be utilized.

There are a number of classes that students may take on-line. The school district will pay for these courses, unless the student does not pass the class. If the student does not successfully pass the on-line course, it becomes their responsibility to pay for it.