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Greetings Parents/Guardians,

The unprecedented winter continues to appear. Due to the incoming winter weather, Platte-Geddes School District will be closed on Wednesday, February 22. However, the district is going to conduct a trial E-Learning Day. We feel that this trial run is extremely important to ensure that we can complete E-learning days successfully, in the event of a future storm that causes students to miss consecutive snow days.

What to expect: Half-Day Kindergarten-5th grade students will bring home educational packets or choice boards. The work will consist of concepts and topics that have already been covered in the classroom. Each classroom teacher will communicate their availability if you should have questions.

6th-12th grade students will bring home their computers and their assignments will be presented via Google Classroom or a similar platform. All students are familiar with these learning management systems. Each classroom teacher will communicate their availability with the students if they have questions. Communication with the classroom teachers will take place via Zoom or on a similar platform.

Fortunately, we do not have school on Thursday or Friday, due to state wrestling. This alleviates the potential for extending the school cancelation beyond Wednesday. Our teachers are working diligently with the students to explain their expectations for our first E-Learning Day. It will not be perfect, and we will be patient with the students. We sincerely hope the same level of patience is reciprocated.


The Platte-Geddes Administration