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Dakota Christian School has approached the Platte-Geddes School District about the possibility of sharing academic opportunities and the creation of an athletic cooperative. Currently, four DCS students participate in Mr. Daum’s Buildings and Trades/Shop II class. Two student-athletes from DCS are members of the cheer/dance team. To make an informed decision, the Platte-Geddes School Board has directed me to develop a stakeholder survey to gather feedback from our constituents. Your participation and feedback are greatly appreciated.

It is important to note that Platte-Geddes would not be giving up its identity. All high school contests would be played at Platte-Geddes. We will remain the Black Panthers and the school colors will not change. It is possible that some grade school or junior high games or practices may take place at Dakota Christian. This would be due to gym space and overlapping schedules. For athletic classification purposes, at least in the next two-year cycle, Platte-Geddes would remain in Class “A” for volleyball, basketball, track cross country, and cheer. Class “B” for golf and 9 “AA” for football.   The district would continue to follow the school calendar that is developed by the school board and class schedules that are developed by the building principals.

At this time, the sharing of academic offerings would only apply to high school students, specifically in the areas of Career and Technical Education, upper-level science courses, and possibly the Fine Arts programs. The Platte-Geddes School District would receive state aid for each Dakota Christian student that enrolls for classes. The amount of state aid funding is based on the percentage of time the student is enrolled in our district. For example, if a Dakota Christian student enrolls for one class out of the eight classes offered in the school day, Platte-Geddes would receive 1/8th of induvial student’s state funding.

The survey link will be active until Friday, December 8. If you do not have access to the online survey link, paper copies of the survey will be available to pick up at the Platte-Geddes Elementary Office, Platte-Geddes High School Office, Platte City Office, Geddes Coop, and Geddes Grocery Center.

To complete the electronic version of the survey, please click this link:


Joel Bailey

Platte-Geddes Superintendent