Drop-off map

We are going to try something different with student drop-off at the high school. We are going to designate the highlighted areas as drop-off areas. We will eliminate the angle parking on the southwestern side of Illinois Ave.(east entrance), directly in front of the school. The north half will remain as angle parking. Parents will be able to pull parallel to the curb and drop their child/children off. We will also be designating the southeastern highlighted half of Illinois Ave. as student drop off. Our goal is to allow parents to park parallel to the curbs on both sides of the street and avoid having to drop students off in the roadway. We are also trying to mitigate parents dropping students off at the four-way stops.

If you are coming from the north on Illinois Ave., we ask that you use the drop-off area on the west side of street. If you are coming from the south, please use the east side of Illinois Ave and pull parallel to the curb. Also please pull to the far end of the drop-off area, so others can fill in behind you.