Comforting Parent supported by the Cook Center for Human Connection

At the Cook Center for Human Connection, we find projects we believe in and help them become available to those in need. We believe in which is a mental health resource for parents. This FREE resource offers parents access to licensed therapists delivering different courses for parents on topics like living with a child with depression, identifying anxiety, coping with grief and loss in order to help families understand the mental health needs of their children. is provided to schools as a resource on their website providing all of their parents a trusted place to go for real answers, to find support and real help for their children through a generous grant from the Cook Center.

Many times, parents identify things they are concerned about and start googling. What they find there, we all know, may or may not be a trusted resource.  is backed by therapists to provide trusted and specialized courses, professional support, and a safe community of parents helping each other. Our parenting experts also share parenting tips and strategies, along with our entire library of evidence-based, research-backed, courses on a variety of topics like: anxiety, depression, self-worth, relationships, suicide ideation, family strife, grief and loss, and other mental health concerns. We also offer an "Ask A Therapist" feature where parents can submit questions to be answered on the website FAQ's. Find out more at